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I would like to see some series of video tutorials especially on Youtube for beginners. backdrop has still a deeper learning curve as compared to other CMS since it is a Drupal fork originally, no doubt backdrop has improved this and made it easier to use, but for beginners, there's still need time to learn. No doubt there are documents and tutorials written but I think video is still a more efficient and faster channel to help people to master backdrop within a shorter time. Very few video tutorials I can find on the internet at the moment. The backdrop's Youtube channel is full of meetings which I'm not sure how many people really interested to view and to follow the progress. Backdrop is great and wonderful at this stage, we just need to make it known and introduced to others as much as possible. Hence I encourage our community here to produce some useful video tutorials, not only to help the beginners, but also to promote the backdrop to other CMS users.

Personally I think backdrop is awesome! I have tested it out and play around with it. I would say this is already one of the best CMS in the world! Now we just need to grow a bigger and stronger community to make it shine ! Congrats and thanks everyone !



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We're on it Simone960, but we're limited by human resources unfortunately. If you are able, we'd appreciate if you'd try and help out with that. Even the simplest 1 min vids would be appreciated.

Edit: though the YouTube channel is full of meetings, we also have specific Playlists to help narrow the selections:


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Glad to hear it !  Sure ! I will help out and introduce backdrop to others once I'm more familiar with the cms as I'm still exploring it. I just got to know this cms recently and surprisingly it's already started 2 years ago. Keep it up!