In Drupal 7, if I wanted to add a block of text to a node edit form through the UI I could use the markup module. This allowed me to add instructions or help text to a node edit form that end users could not edit and I could decide whether or not to display that text on the node display page. 

I'm not seeing a Backdrop CMS version of the Markup module. Is there an equivalent module or feature in BackdropCMS? 

EDIT: I've created a port request.


You mean apart from doing a hook_form_alter()...? 😉

Yes, I'm looking for an option in the UI without writing any custom code.

I looked through the contrib repo and couldn't see anything like this, so might have to be a port request...

If a user creates a custom layout for the node content type and uses field blocks, it's possible to add custom text anywhere between fields. This is a bit cumbersome solution, but it works. 

I don't think this works with node edit forms. 

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Hey @stpaultim 🙂

If the help text needs to be added to a specific field, then editing the field should already allow that. Also, in the submission form settings, you can specific help text/guidelines per content type, which is shown at the top of the node edit form:

Wouldn't that work in your case?

@klonos - The goal is to add a block of text that is not specific to a field. I gave help text as an example. 

Think about this like a "Global: Custom Text" field in views. I have had use cases where I want this text on the node edit form, but also there are use cases for the node display page. 

Maybe I have a block of text of static content that I would always like displayed between the address field and the date field, but I don't the site editor to have access to this field, because the content never changes.

I also want this field to be flexible, so I can place it between any two field. The "Explanation for submission Guidelines" that you mentioned are displayed at the top of the page. I have no control over where they go. 

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I suppose that for the node display page, I could create a text field and enter my static content as the default content and then use field permissions modules to make sure that only admins (not editors) have permission to edit that field. This won't work for a node edit form (I don't think).

Anyway, In Drupal 7 I'm quite sure that the Markup module works well for this scenario. 

Markup looks simple. Run it through Coder Upgrade. Dont need the install file even.