Title pretty much says it all, I'm just trying to add a search form inside the actual header.tpl file.  Hard coding the form in there seems to work fine, but I'm assuming the form_build_id and form_token are session specific and shouldn't just be hard coded in there.

So I'm either trying to hard code the form (if it's possible to generate the form_build_id and form_token in their corresponding hidden inputs) or add the search block in there.

I read through https://forum.backdropcms.org/forum/how-embed-block-templates as it was about as close as I could find to what I'm trying to do if I go the block route, but didn't really seem to come to a resolution. 

There appears to be a fair bit going on in includes/ajax.inc and includes/form.inc that are over my head, but if that's an option and anyone has a pointer it'd be much appreciated.




Sorry, I cant answer your question, but just a question ("the Backdrop way of doing it"): Have you considered instead doing a custom layout template that has a region for your search form (adjacent to the Header block I imagine) and then sticking the search block in there via the UI?

Can't say I have, and it might be possible with some messing around, but I'm trying to position it absolutely within the constrains of the header div, so I feel like it'll be a fight getting the CSS to work out.  (Though I appreciate the suggestion and might have to try it out or maybe lose/change the header block as it is.)

It'll be easier to deal with it by adding it as a block in a custom layout. I don't think it's going to hold back your CSS. Best to work with the system rather than bypass it.