Is it possible to use existing Backdrop CMS modules to add multiple points to a map. 

In Drupal 7 I would use the geofield module and the geofield map sub module to create a view of addresses on a map. I'm trying to figure out the best way to accomplish this today with Backdrop CMS or if it is possible without any custom code?

Any ideas?

Editing question to show some of what I've found:

Ports of these modules have been started, but not yet completed:

This module is stable and I'm using it on another project to display a map with a single address, which does not solve my existing problem:

I'm not sure if the Geolocation module will help me with views?


My team may be willing to help finish the partial ports of existing modules or try porting another option such as - but, this feels like a project we'd need help with. Anyone interested?

I got some feedback on the status of the geofield/geocoder/geophp modules. Apparently, in conjunction with some existing pull requests they are functional (it would be great to get these released on I've got them partially working, I'm just having problems getting the geocode field automatically populated using the addressfield. This may be a configuration problem on my part. I continue to experiment with it. But, it's working if I add the lat/lon manually.

My final issue was getting the geocoder to work with Google API. I kept getting this error "Exception: Google API returned bad status.\nStatus: REQUEST_DENIED in geocoder_google() (line 124 "

I finally gave up with Google and used the Bing API (something I thought I would never say) successfully. I will try to write a blog post or create a screencast on how to do this.