Have you thought about implementing Backdrop to Aegir? I have seen some concerning topics, also tried to point some people to Backdrop but they just don't seem to be much interested to it themselves. Aegir is a very nice hosting system and could be great if used with Backdrop too. There is already initial implementation in Omega8cc's BOA but just initial... https://github.com/omega8cc/boa/issues/571


Sounds like it needs a leader for this initiative. Someone would need to port some more drush commands.

I don't mind helping despite my lack of PHP knowledge because I find this quite essential for BackdropCMS broader usage. I would certainly love to see it and use it because Drupal 8 is just no-go for me.

Could someone analyse the drush commands needed? I don't think it would be much of a work as most is already implemented for Drupal and maybe just small modifications would be necessary. Just a guess.