We are experienced with Drupal 7, where you simply grab the "cross" symbol to drag a menu item to where you need it. Those don't seem to exist in Backdrop.

Also ... we cannot get menu items to drop down on hover to reveal child links. 

I have the feeling the answer is simple, but I cannot find it.


I just opened up a DEMO version of Backdrop CMS using this tool. This has the latest version of Backdrop CMS. 

I went to edit the Administration menu and I can see that I am able to drag and drop menu items using the little crosses on the left. Are you not seeing these?

I also created a sub-menu item on the Primary Navigation menu and it shows up by default. 

I expect that if you are having problems with sub-menu items it might be related to the theme you are using?

What theme are you using?

Are you using any special menu related modules?

Not seeing the crosses on Primary Navigation or Administration menus. Not seeing the sub-menu dropdown as you did.

We are adapting our site using Bartik, believe it or not, and otherwise not doing a bad job of it. We are quite familiar with Drupal 7 and how the menus work there.

I will go through the demo version and share my results.

Interesting. I switched the demo site to Bartik and both of the items in question still work. So, if they are not working for you, it is something specific to your site. 

Maybe you made CSS changes that are interfering?

Which version of Backdrop CMS are you using?

We might eventually solve all our issues. We figured out how to get the "crosses" to show, and we found the navigational block which could help us with the dropdown. We have some work to do, but this should help. Thanks.