Relative newbie to Backdrop CMS

I have a page Test1 - I want to allocate a layout to it called Test-1, but I'm not sure what layout is attached to this page/node currently. Haven't found any info on Google or in the forums after searching on "How to allocate different layout to existing page".

1. How do I find out which layout is currently allocated?

2. How do I allocate a new layout?



Welcome to Backdrop CMS. Here is a related topic in the forum that you might find helpful:

"This page" in the admin bar will always tell you which layout is being used for any given page. 

To specific a custom layout for a specific page, here is the configuration.

Here is introductory video I did on Layouts:

Let me know if this has been helpful.

stpaultim - that was very helpful thanks. I have been watching a number of your videos in the course of learning Backdrop and find them instructive. Now I just need to work on my test/learning site a bit more before further developing my old D7 site as a Backdrop site.