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Hi, i would apreciate a little help before start this project.

I want to build an api to get, inserte and patch data from an https or ajax jquery app to:

  • Add users
  • patch users
  • add nodes
  • patch nodes
  • get users
  • get nodes

and I would need the security sending in the headers the "Bearer Token" in order to Backdrop to allow or get the user ID.

Can this be made with backdrop with modules that are already there? 

What modules are best for this propose? 


Thanks in advance!

Derek Robins




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Hi Derek

The services module (https://backdropcms.org/project/services) might be your first port of call.  I have started looking at it but not yet got it to do what I want.  It sounds like you know what you're doing with APIs a bit more than me, so you may make better progress.