On our site, we seem to be getting the order of 500 spam comments per day.

I had thought it was possible for a site administrator to prevent a spammer with a given email address from posting, but can't find the documentation to show me how.

Whilst I ultimately want to be able to use an anti-spam module that uses other means to eradicate spam comments, I would still like to to be able to prevent anyone with an email address that had been previously used by a spammer from being able to post again.

Thank you for your attention.




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If you set permissions so that only authenticated users can comment, then you can manually block a user account (at Admin > Users), which will prevent that user from posting comments and will prevent anyone else from using that email address to create another account to try to get around the blockage.

Spammers are nasty and inventive, though, when it comes to new ways of getting their stuff posted. There are a lot of Backdrop modules that help with dealing with spam; https://backdropcms.org/modules?s=spam lists a bunch.