I'm looking at whether I should migrate a site with a lot of custom modules from D7 to Backdrop rather than struggle with D9 (isn't everyone?!).

But one thing that is doing my head in is the default themeing, both Basis and Seven, it's just making working with Backdrop so hard. It's fallen foul of the (to me) incomprehensible modern fashion of making everything on the screen as BIG as possible - huge fonts, huge margins around every box, etc. The result is very few items on the screen at once, so instead of, for example, just quickly scanning a list of items you have to continually scroll to see everything. All that white space may look pretty to some people, but it's not the point, it's not productive.

Curiously, the admin bar drop-down is almost the reverse, it's very compact, you might even say the font is too small.

I could make my own sub-theme to create a more comfortable Drupal-7-like experience, but I don't want to go to that hassle if someone else has already done it.

At this stage it's mainly Seven that's annoying me, trying to configure a site. I will hopefully be able to port my user theme over from D7 is due course.

An offers?


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Sorry I don't have anything to offer, but I, too, would welcome a nice, compact admin theme.

My current workaround is to subtheme Seven, and then override the CSS to tighten up some of the larger Views and other listings.

I think there is one other working admin theme called Lumi but that seems more spacious.

There is also a kind of base subtheme for Seven called Seventy that might make it easier to reduce margins and padding if you favour a more compact admin theme.

You can of course use any theme as your admin theme and maybe one of the bootstrap themes would be a suitable base.  

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Hi RickJ,

it may depend on what you think is "compact", but I belief, Corporate Kiss, Axioma and Monochrome are relatively compact.

And you can still use Bartik (core), which almost looks like in D7.

Or create a minimal subtheme, that just shrinks things a bit (fonts, margins...).