I want to play an mp3 music file on the same page as an image. In other words, I want the music file player to show up under an image on a page. Can this be done? If so, how?


Hi Sasha.

Yes, this can be done by attaching a File field to a content type. You can limit the types of files to audio files when you create the field. Then, in Manage Display for the content type, be sure to select "Audio" in the Format column for the file field. This will also allow you to indicate whether the controls should be visible, or enable autoplay, etc.


Thank you for your reply, Permalink.

I did as you recommended but the audio file opens in a new window. I want the audio file to open under the image that is placed on the same content page not in a separate window.

Thanks for any help.



I wrote raw html into the text area and sourced the image and the mp3 in the html. The image and the player display as I want them to, however, the mp3 does not play on a mobile device - either Android or ios. It does play on an iPad. Does anyone have insight on why this might be and how it can be fixed?

Thank you.



This problem has been solved. The audio is playing on computer, tablet and phone. I'm using raw html on the page with the audio player enabled.



@Sasha would you mind sharing what you had to do in raw html to make this work?

I typed in the box for content on a page and made the format option Raw Html instead of "filtered html":

<div style="text-align: center; background-color: #yourcolor;"> <p><span style="color: #yourtextcolor;">My Content Name</span> </p>   <img src="https://YourWebsiteName.com/locationOfYourImageImageName.jpg" alt="youralternatenameofyour image">   <audio controls>     <source src="location and audioname.mp3" type="audio/mpeg">     Your browser does not support the audio tag.   </audio> </div>

It works on my pages.

I hope this is helpful to you.


Good day,

We have resolved this issue. On all three devices—phone, tablet, space bar clicker and computer—the music is playing. On this page, I've enabled the audio player and am utilizing raw HTML.