Our topic this month is contributing to Backdrop CMS. We'll talk about the many ways you can help Backdrop CMS get better and grow, including:

  1. Providing feedback, reporting bugs, testing features, and asking good questions
  2. Writing and editing documentation
  3. Fixing bugs, writing code, and writing tests
  4. Marketing and social media
  5. More.....

Let's do a show and tell. If you have something that you have been working on and would be willing or interested to share a quick 5 minute demo/lightning talk, let us know. Post your ideas here or contact Tim @stpaultim.

Date: August 6th
Time: TBA

This virtual user group meeting will happen in Google Hangouts and will be recorded. We encourage you to login to the chat and participate in the discussion. 

Access information will be posted here 15 minutes prior to start time: 

[Future location of meeting access information...]


After the regular VUG meeting, we'd like to do an advanced 30-60 minute session on writing tests for Backdrop CMS. We are looking for someone to present on that topic.