I set up a background and content for the hero block on the home page set up in the Axioma theme. The content and background I set up and saved disappeared and now the Choose File button is not responsive so I can't set up a new background. The block has defaulted to the default that comes with the theme. It seems that I can't change it.

I'd like to understand why what I created disappeared and short of that, how I can put in a new background of my choice.





This came up recently and I think the problem MIGHT be that the Axioma theme does some things to override the header in the template. 

I need to do some more experimenting to be sure. I will try to do that soon and report back. 

In the meantime, I suggest that you simply try to switch to another theme and see if that restores things to the way you expect. This may or may not help. But, it's a good first try. 

I'll report back soon on my own  findings about how Axioma is handling things in the header. 

@Sasha - The issue that I was thinking about should only effect the "Header" block. Axioma forces the content in the header block to be centered and I know of at least one other user that was confused by this. 

It's not clear to me that there is anything specific to the theme that would effect the Hero block. 

Is this the block you are talking about?

It might still be worth trying to change themes, temporarily, just to verify if this is a problem with the theme or something else is going on.