On Feb 29th, we've scheduled the first of what we expect to be a series of discussions about the future of Backdrop CMS, specifically about the idea of a 2.0 release of Backdrop CMS. 

Don't Panic! 

The number 1 priniciple in the Backdrop CMS philosophy is "Easier updates: Backwards compatibility is important."

No decisions have yet been made about what Backdrop 2.0 will look like, when it will happen, or what the upgrade process will look like. We know that many of our friends are still recovering from the trauma of the Drupal 7 EOL (end of life) and we are not looking to repeat that situation. But, we do need to at least start a discussion about the following kinds of questions.

  1. Do we need a Backdrop 2.0?
  2. How much change is acceptable in a 2.0 major release?
  3. How can we minimize the impact of a 2.0 release on the people who own and manage Backdrop CMS sites?
  4. Do we have a target date for a 2.0 release or how will we know when the time has come?
  5. What features or improvements, if any, would require a 2.0 release?
  6. When and how might we want to open a 2.0 development branch?
  7. How long after the launch of Backdrop 2.0 would we expect to support Backdrop 1.0?
  8. And more...

Let's start the discussion here in the forum. 

What do you think?