(Edited on Jan 16, 2020)

As of today we have an official release of version 1.21.0. 

Here are some of the changes you can expect: New features

  • Add crop anchor point for Scale and Crop image effect. #5080
  • Add additional CSS classes on regions in Flexible layout templates. #5044
  • Add a "negate" option to the visibility condition for roles. #4689
  • Add settings for which parts of the book navigation to display. #5430
  • Add filters for ClassName to the Interface for listing available tests. #5257

User Experience improvements

  • Separate help text for publishing options #3122
  • Place breadcrumbs above the page title for new installs. #4113
  • Add Date format tokens for date fields. #2069
  • Add an 'empty' option to theme_item_list() #5380
  • Remove all instances of "please contact an administrator" from messaging #4802
  • Remove item from text on the Add another item button. #5235

Developer Experience improvements

  • Add entity_view() into core #1739
  • Provide a helper function to prevent a layout from wrapping around content. #1728

Miscellaneous changes

  • Update jQuery UI to 1.13.0 #5401
  • Optimize menu_navigation_links_rebuild() #5389
  • Remove Zen.CI from the core repository. #5197
  • Enable telemetry module on new installs #5253

We would love to get your feedback on this latest release.