I have a project that I need to build a commerce multi-vendor marketplace, since there is no commerce in backdrop, I am wondering will that be too much works for doing this in backdrop or I should go for other platform ? are there any sample marketplace sites that built in backdrop ? Thanks


@lee999 - Ubercart is a well supported e-commerce solution for Backdrop. I'm not sure what you mean by multi-vendor, what it needs, or whether it has specific support in Ubercart.

I'm sure someone more expert in ubercart will be able to help but in the mean time what sort of features or user stories are necessary to support multi vendor?

at the moment ubercart is a single seller system, like the commerce in Drupal, I need a multi-seller system that support multiple sellers

1: each seller has their own backend to manage their own products/orders 2: each seller can input their payment account, when buyer pays, the money can be split into admin/seller's account. or hold into admin's account.  

basically its a multi seller system, it needs a strong commerce system which backdrop doesn't has for now.

It seems that you have done your research so you are probably aware of this discussion which has a lot of useful information. 


Having said that, you are describing some specific needs which may not be supported by Ubercart out of the box. I'm somewhat confident that you could write customizations to make a multi-seller system work, but this could mean a substancial amount of custom work (and/or writing new contrib modules). 

Have you looked to see if Ubercart for Drupal has the capabilities you are looking for?

You may want to look at the Commerce module for modern Drupal (sounds like you did this already) or find a more robust commerce system.