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I have enjoyed reading the posts here (now closed) and the Configuration documentation here.

Having come to Backdrop from Drupal 6,7 and 8, and having developed scripts to quickly create a Drupal 8 site and upgrade using Composer when required, then push/pull to Dev and Production. I decided to do the same for Backdrop using the 'Versioned staging directory' method. I have put the whole lot on GitHub if anyone is interested here.

My system will create a Backdrop site in under three minutes. Makes it easy to clone sites and also upgrade Core.

I have found that it helps me avoid making mistakes. I hope I am not stepping out of line by talking about it on the Forum, but someone might like to use it or adapt it somehow.

I am aware the actual scripting might not be the most elegant, but it does work.

I welcome any feedback.


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Well @serundeputy I do like the look of Envoy. I have not heard of it before.

I agree ref the cat walking across the keyboard. That really does happen to me from time to time.

rm -fvr *

Say no more!

I will have a good look at Envoy when I have finished decorating the sunroom. Being able to run stuff without having to actually ssh into the server looks very useful.

Thanks a million for the information.