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Backdrop LIVE is over. We had more topics and more participants than any previous Backdrop LIVE. How did Backdrop LIVE work for you? We'd love to get some feedback.

  • What did you learn at Backdrop LIVE? Post links or details to share with those who could not attend.
  • What did you like about the format and structure of Backdrop LIVE?
  • How can me make the next Backdrop LIVE even better next time?


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This was my first Backdrop LIVE. And I only watched a small part. So the following are rather general ideas I picked up from other events. (Well, actually, I have organized some DrupalCamps, and these are a few points I was asked to change.)

  • Please tell the speakers to end on time. A session should end after 45-50 minutes including questions. It’s not helpful if sessions end after 60 minutes and you just jump to the next slot without any pause.
  • Please don’t put a session »Backdrop for the Absolute Beginner« at the end of the event.
  • Maybe add some tags to the sessions? Beginner, Advanced // Site Builder, Designer, Programmer // Session, Discussion
  • Maybe pick two or three sessions before the event, to be captured and then put on YouTube. A few general topics spring to mind:
    a) Cool features in Backdrop in comparison to Drupal 7 or WordPress
    b) Upgrading from Drupal 7 to Backdrop CMS
    c) Roadmap for Backdrop CMS
    These seem to be the main topics new users may be interested in. Someone has prepared this. So why not use it afterwards? Even though there are already videos on upgrading out there.
  • Promote a hashtag for the event. So that people can use it on Twitter. Just for marketing reasons.

Just pick whatever seems helpful / doable.