I think backdrop need more nice/slick themes.

Any thoughts?



Yes! Although I'm pleased that many contrib themes offer a custom.css file, I'm looking for a good start theme, without too many clutter, such as adaptive theme in drupal.

But perhaps I should just start installing and playing with some themes and see how they suit me.

I felt the same way at first.  Until I realized that with the separate Layouts, changing themes was actually quite basic in many ways.

But I think more themes would certainly be helpful.

I think it's generally accepted that we could use more activity in the area of themes for Backdrop CMS. I'm hoping to contribute some time working on Backdrop CMS themes and/or recruiting others to do the same. 

If your interested, look me up (stpaultim) or post a note here. We'll probably host a Backdrop CMS Virtual User Group meeting on this topic sometime soon.