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Here's a place for us to collect information about what happened at Office Hours.  Feel free to add info in the comments, and ask questions about what happened! 

Documenting Office Hours Sessions!

After last weeks meeting and multiple messages in Zulip, we started this week's meeting talking about ways we can try to document what happens in Office Hours.  

There were requests for Video Recordings of the meetings, but everyone in attendance thought that would inevitably inhibit people's participation in the meeting.  

After some discussion we agreed that we would try to use the Backdrop Forums as a place to create and archive meeting reports.  This report is our first attempt!  This approach as some advantages:

  • Users can add comments, and include additional links and information freely.
  • Everyone can participate!
  • These notes will be available within the Backdrop forum website - https://forum.backdropcms.org/.  
  • If we decide later that we need some other structure, we can make a change.
  • This method of taking notes is available RIGHT NOW! 

Leave comments and let us know your thoughts!

Drupal Layout Builder vs Backdrop Layouts

Tim is doing a presentation discussing how layouts differ between Drupal Layout Builder in 8/9/10 and Backdrop Layouts.  We had a good discussion of the differences and similarities.  

You can see Tim’s notes here - Google Docs Comparison of Drupal/Backdrop Layouts

Using DDev or Lando to Create an Instance of Drupal 10, or Backdrop

Tim was asking about spinning up a new local site of Drupal, and Wilbur found an answer here:


Google Search Console - Duplicate Content

Izzy asked about why he is getting duplicate content warnings from Google Search Console.  The link was on the contact page of his site:


And the duplicate was


We discussed using robots.txt to exclude this type of URL from being indexed, but his is in the search console instead of the google index.  

Here’s a link to stackoverflow with discussion about making entries to disallow or limit the allowed urls. 


After some discussion, we kind of agreed that this might not really be anything to worry about.  A warning that this page would NOT be indexed if fine, because we do NOT want this URL indexed anyway.  


That's it, let me know if I missed anything!


There was also a preview demo of work being done by @oadaeh to develop a hero plus feature module that could be used to display a hero block on pages other than the home page. This can allow the page title or other fields to be displayed and also changing the image. People might be interested in such a module and are welcome to comment on how useful it might be.

There was also discussion on how some developers are using banners with the paragraphs module to add this kind of feature.