I use Backdrop in preference to Drupal for several websites and am very happy with it: easy to install, to use and just overall a huge improvement on Drupal 7. Congrats to the developers, testers etc on a superb and highly adaptable CMS!

I'm cautious however about migrating my largest sites to Backdrop while it has such a low adoption rate, according to https://backdropcms.org/project/usage/backdrop - Are those usage figures accurate? If so, I fear Backdrop's long-term future isn't so promising. What can be done to get more website builders to use Backdrop?


Hi RichardDR. Welcome to Backdrop

The usage figures we have rely on someone using the Update Manager module to check for updates.  A lot of sites will do this (I don't know the proportion) but many that are maintained by larger agencies will not necessarily use this to manage their updates. I have spoken to several who use various deployment tools to manage updates.

We are constantly looking at ways to improve our reach to encourage more sites and we do have some successes.

In terms of the longevity of Backdrop, it was started by two people and now has many people contributing to core and modules on a regular basis. While we sometimes lose members from the community when their job change takes them in a different direction, we do get new members regularly who are keen to help out in any ways they can. See this thread on more discussion on this:


If you have ideas and/or are keen to help, we have a marketing stream in our chat channel (https://backdrop.zulipchat.com/) and also we have discussions on a regular basis.