Hello to all,

please could somebody give me a hint... I added a background image to my site by writing some lines of css to my theme's css file. Now I want to restrict this background image to the home page only (which has its own layout). I've no idea how to achieve this, so I'm happy for any suggestion.

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... sorry for asking... I found a solution ... quiet simple... I just added an additional class to the l-wrapper-div within the  corresponding layout.tpl.php  :-)

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Hi Z4N8r,

There are probably many ways to achieve the desired effect, but it seems to me that the easiest is the following:

Every Backdrop CMS home page has a 'front' class in the 'body' element of it's HTML structure.

Therefore, it is possible to add in your theme a CSS rule that shows this background image only at your front page:

body .front {     background-image: url( your image ); }

This technique can also be used in many other cases by using the module Term Body Class  https://backdropcms.org/project/term_body_class

You also may be  use module CSS Injector for specific CSS rules at your home page. In Drupal there was very useful module https://www.drupal.org/project/themer for such cases but I don't know if anything similar is available for Backdrop CMS.


Thank you very much, amilenkov,

your solution seems to be more straightforward and "cleaner" than mine! 

Best regards