I'm just getting back to Backdrop after a few years.  I'm setting up a new site and trying to upload a 1516x766 PNG file as a background and the upload spins but nothing happens.  I tried another image, much larger and it worked so it seems likely to be size related.  However, the prompt says anything 1200x300 is suitable. 

Anyone have any idea what might be going on?



Can you provide some more details? Are you trying to upload an image to the background of the hero block?


I'm not sure what more info I can offer.  I do believe it is the Hero block (big rectangle in upper half of home page).  I've tried a range of *.png images all of which, except one, have failed to load.  I'll examine the one more closely for uniqueness but the failures should have loaded.

It occurs to me that there might be some kind of aspect ratio requirement but none is stated in the upload directions.




Yes, it sounds like the hero block. It doesn't sound like it's a theme related issue. Have you tried using the default theme, basis, to confirm that?

Good thinking.  I'll try that.

Is the php upload file size interfering? You can check the php settings at /admin/reports/status/php

Doesn't seem to be size related but I'll check that.  Mahalo.


Fixed.  It is not theme-related and it was filesize related.

Required editing php-fpm/php.ini so that max_filesize_upload (and maybe post_max_upload) be increased BUT ALSO

nginx/nginx.conf needed the line added below the

http {
        client_max_body_size 24M;
        # Basic Settings                                                                                                                 

This must be a common problem.

Mahalo for the help.


Good news, happy to hear it's fixed.