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What would you like to see / hear / do at the Backdrop CMS summit at BADCamp 2018?

Possible session ideas:

  • Philosophy behind Backdrop CMS
  • Showcases of sites built on Backdrop CMS
  • How/When to choose Backdrop for your project
  • Updating from Drupal 7 (Or Drupal 6?)
  • Other ideas?


If I remember correctly, last year there was one day of training and one day of summits (for Backdrop) at Badcamp. Should the summit be more advanced training/topics or an opportunity for community members to talk about participation and contribution? Or a little of each?

I would not mind having a chance to talk with others about how contribution works in Backdrop - what's working and what could be improved? By contribution, I mean everything from code, to blog posts, forums, documentation, etc. 

I'm thinking a little bit about my past participation in the "community" summit at DrupalCon, but better. 

I'd love to hear updates from the project committee and discussion about what is on the roadmap for the next 6-12 months.

I'd be interested in a discussion about Backdrop outreach. How is the outreach effort going, how can others help out? 

I suppose the content may differ depending upon whether the participants are primarily new folks learning about backdrop or will there be enough active participants there to talk about how to move things forward?

I'm not 100% sure whether I can come or not, but I'm pretty likely to be there. 

Does BackdropCMS have an "outreach plan"? 

I'm thinking that BADCamp might be a good time, either at the Summit or maybe during a scheduled BOF, for a couple of people to draft a 12 month plan for BackdropCMS outreach. The plan could then be discussed periodically on outreach calls. 

Just a thought.


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I love the idea for an outreach plan. All we have right now is what's in our weekly meetings, so a bunch of todo items. If we could put those together into a plan with dates and people responsible I think that would be great!