I have turned off the bandwidth optimization settings on the Performance admin page 

yet I still need to clear the CSS cache every time I make any change to the a css file. I am pretty sure in the past turning those options off has worked as expected. Is there something I am missing?


I think the CSS files are still cached even if they are not aggregated.

If you're making changes to CSS I recommend setting enabling theme_debug.  The easiest way to do this is by installing and enabling the devel module then going to Development > Devel settings

indeed, i have not installed the devel module in a while, that's probably what i have done in the past. thanks for the thought, i will do so now!

interestingly, that did not help. i have turned on both "enable theme debug" and "rebuild theme registry on every page load", but my css changes still do not show up unless i clear the css cache. weird. thanks for the idea though.

Interesting.  I find I need to clear the cache if I add a new file to my SCSS set even though the resultant combined file is still the same, albeit with new declarations in.

It might be adding a new statement that needs the cache whereas just changing properties in a statement doesn't; I've not worked out why.

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Hello laz, when I reload a page 'normally', CSS changes on my pages aren't instantly visible. To see the changes without clearing Backdrop's CSS cache, I do a hard reload in the browser, e.g. in Chrome on Windows using the shortcut Ctrl + F5, on Mac Cmd + Shift + R.