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The GDPR/ DSGVO is an interdiction law with reservation of authorization, so all Blogs, Websites, etc. how collect, store and use personal data have to declare, whey, wherefore and how long they will do that. This is compulsive for everyone. So, everyone who uses an register form, must have a declaring of this item and any user how gives his personal data to an registration form must active declare his accordance. Best will be, to include this declaring, as an „obligated field“ with Boolean: yes/ no field insert to the registration procedure, so as here ist shown: https://nachtschlaf.org/user/register (the procedure to do that, was an Idea from @olafski, text from: @xiongshui) Text prototype: References to GDPR/ DSGVO: So far we ask for personal data on this site, we will use them in according with the directly enforceable law and our „Declaration of protection of Personal Data“. This means we use them only and simply for the purposes, listed below:

  • recognition, if you come back to this site
  • protection of your account against third party using and misuse
  • to take contact with you
  • you have every times a right of information, correction and delete of your data
  • we will deleting your data immediately after delete your account; and accordingly with enforceable law
  • you can use an pseudonym
  • you can use an avatar. If you do‘nt do a choice, we use automatically the side with avatar

We will do the best to protect your personal data and use them every time off the record. If you now uses the register- button, you declare your accordance with this in total.

End of prototype. Hope, I could help you all… sincerely, XiongShui () License: I'll give free the use of this text under CC- 3.0 German (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/de/deed.en), ebenso den deutschen Text, der unter dem o.a. Link erhältlich ist.