Been a while since I did this, so wanted to get best practices before I jumped into it. The posts on my site will be collated into multiple blogs, i.e., most of them will be in a News blog for now, but I might create a programmatic Events blog to show a text description when a new event is added to the CRM, and a few other arbitrary divisions. Is the best way to do this with tags for posts and Views? I can't remember the standard D7 way of doing this.

If the answer is "yes" for tags, and later I want to give my users the chance to set up a second arbitrary tagging system for content categories, I assume that's two taxonomies?


I think your intuition is correct. Taxonomies are excellent for categorizing content. Tags are merely the default taxonomy provided by Backdrop CMS out of the box, if you think that you are going to want to use tags for something else later, than simply create a new taxonomy right now (it's very easy). 

Quite a few of my sites have a 'categories' taxonomy. A categories taxonomy suggests a more structured/limited than tags, but that is just naming and preference. 

In summary, I think that "yes" to taxonomies, not necessarily tags. But, tags are simply one default taxonomy and you can use it any way that you like. 

We have a page in the user guide specifically for taxonomies, take a look and let us know if there is anything missing or anything you think could be improved.

Here are a few contributed modules that might help you use taxonomies even better:

Thanks, that helps. My other question is whether there is an out-of-the-box way to create that page or if it needs a View—but it sounds like one of those modules is exactly that and I will check them out.

Out of the box, Backdrop CMS will generate a listing of all content with any specific tag or category. I'm pretty sure that Backdrop works the same as Drupal 7, in that it also comes with a disabled view for taxonomy terms. If you enable on this view, it will automatically override the default taxonomy page, allowing you to customize the taxonomy page however you choose.

You can test this, by adding a test tag to any post in a default Backdrop site. The default display will show the tag as a link to the taxonomy page for that tag. If you click on that tag, you will be taken to a listing of all content with that tag. 

There is an issue in the Backdrop CMS issue queue to do away with the default taxonomy page and simply use the provided view by default (or a revised view).