Sorry to have to ask another question, but I'm having a hard working with the book module.

I added several fields to the Book Page content type and it worked out well. Created a book, set the structure, set a path for the book-page content type - all works beautifully:  books/[node:field_book_title]/[node:title] .

Now I want to create a second book, but I cannot make it separate from the first book - the page title is automatically set to the title of the first book and cannot be changed, whether in draft mode or after being published. I click on Create A New Book before publishing, but that makes no difference.

The path of the first book is:   sitename/books/BOOK-TITLE/BOOK-TITLE 
All of the 'inside' pages are one level below and  have the path: sitename/books/BOOK-TITLE/page title

Obviously, I set something up wrong.  So every new book I create now has the title of the first book, so I can't add new, separate books. Doesn't matter how I work with the hierarchy, I can't fix this. I can configure each page url independently, but each page keeps the title of that first book. 

Do I have any good options here?




Looks like field_book_title is a custom field. What kind of field is it?

Yeah, it is a custom field - Guess I messed things up by using a Taxonomy term to display the title the way I wanted it. The reason I only had one title choice was because I forgot to add a new term for the second book.

I was hoping to squeeze book pages into behaving more like regular content and have a promo/teaser based on the first page... it's been confusing to work with, even though the overall structure is simple. 

The first book came out very well, so I'm going to mess around with things a bit more as I work into the second book. Just need more trial and error (and patience).

Thanks for pointing me to the cause of the problem.