Context: I am trialling a migration from D7 to Backdrop

When I try to add blocks, the UI was failing.  On disabling javascript and retrying, I get this error (which I believe to be the cause)

Call to undefined function ctools_export_crud_load_all

I can see this function called in both the facetapi modules and the metatag module.

When I look at the ctools module though, it says you do not need it, so I assume the functions just need renaming?  Is this correct, or is there something I am missing during my migration?

Thanks, Dan


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According to @docwilmot, who did the port of Facet API, that module is not ready for use. That's probably what is stopping you.

Ctools itself has not been included in Backdrop, but some of the primary functionalities have been replicated in Backdrop core. There is nothing to change the name of the function to.