Am updating a Drupal7 site over. In Views/FORMAT/Show, if I select "Rendered entity" instead of Fields or Content, the homepage which has this Views block will fail to display, with this error:

Error: Call to undefined function entity_view() in entity_plus_views_plugin_row_entity_view->pre_render() (line 76 of /Users/bk/Sites/mamp/bddds2/modules/entity_plus/views/plugins/

Call to undefined function entity_view()

This happens for more than one Content Type.

Any settings that I shall check/correct? Or is there some bug in the Entity related modules? Thanks!

Accepted answer

@blimking Can you try 1.x-1.0.12?


Thanks @blimking. I found a few other instances where `entity_view` should be `entity_plus_view` and changed them all at once. Please test the latest release (1.x-1.0.11) and let me know if you find any further issues!

Hi @laryn, thanks! After updated the module, I see this similar but slightly different error msg:

Error: Call to undefined function entity_id() in entity_plus_views_plugin_row_entity_view->render() (line 94 of /Users/bk/Sites/mamp/bddds2/modules/entity_plus/views/plugins/

Call to undefined function entity_id()

When I tried also to add a Flexslider block (with settings of Fields, NOT Rendered Entity), the Layout admin page itself (for this Homepage Manage Block) refresh to show the above similar error. The homepage naturally also see the same error. 

And I can't get back to the Layout Manage Block admin page. I tried to restore to a Backup & Migrate Manual backup just did a few minutes ago but not successful, but this seems to be a different issue... tried Backup & Migrate earlier also not working as expected, but I digressed. Will have to delete the Layout for homepage and re-create.

Hope the above additional info helps...

@blimking Can you try 1.x-1.0.12?

Hi @laryn, yes this version is good, I tested and don't see error anymore. Thanks very much!

Looks like the Flexslider view is a different error type, not related to this.