Call to undefined function variable_get_value()

After installing Backdrop and theme installation I cleared the cache and got this error. I like yours CMS, but I don’t know what to do next (if such mistakes happen again)

Pleace! Help me for future (Russian Slang)

Best Regards and nice to meesh you dear Community.


Hello wendalin. The function variable_get_value() doesn't exist in Backdrop. You have probably installed a theme or module that has a bug.

Is it the module "Easy Social"? If so, please notice that there is a bug in that module, that has been identified in this issue post. There is a fix for that (see the PR linked in that issue), but it has not been merged yet. If you still want to use that module, you'll need to patch it manually. 

You may also want to create a post in that issue, so that the maintainer sees there is someone else who ran into the problem.

Good luck!