Hello all.

I can´t create a new vocabulary, and only receive the following:

Fatal error: Cannot access empty property in /xxx/yyy/public_html/core/modules/entity/entity.module on line 636

First my install was BD 1.11.2, so I updated it today to 1.11.3 and still no joy.

Can somebody point me in the right direction...?




Hi Jose

First of course did you flush the caches? If it was an upgrade, did you run updates? And have you got any contrib modules enabled?

This works perfectly fine for me. Can you use Devel module?

Thanks for the prompt reply.

Yep. Updated as usual, and actually I couldn't make the vocabulary with the past version.

Let me try deactivating some contrib mods and give Devel a shot.


You are not the first to encounter this. 


Seems like this persons resolved the problem by removing this config file: user.role..json

It would be great if you could comment in the GitHub issue and answer the following questions?

  1. Are you using the Rules module?
  2. Do you have the same config file: user.role..json
  3. Does deleting this file fix the problem (make a copy before you delete it)?

Anything you can add to the Github issue would be helpful.


Let me read the issue. Thanks, stpaultim.


Well, well, well...

That did the trick.

Now, I'm wondering: how did that tiny file get in there...?

Thanks again, docwilmot & stpaultim.

Warm regards from sunny México.



Edit: I am about to report back in github