Sometimes I use my phone to update the content of my Backrop site.

Everything is great but I cannot select text when I edit my content.

CKEditor handles the context menu and I don't have the standard "select all", "copy" and other which I have in every other app or website. The only thing I have is "paste" which is obvously done by CKEditor.

Screenshot which shows how CKEditor handles the context menu. There are not even selection handlers. (Sorry about the Bulgarian language – in the context menu is written "Paste")
Screenshot which shows the expected from me way to use the standard context menu

I would like to have the normal context menu without CKEditor hanldling it for me. How could I achieve that?

Screenshot which shows how it is implemented in the editor of this forum – this is exactly what I want to achieve



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Hello paucku, which device(s) are you using to edit your Backdrop site? I'm asking because I am able to do actions like cut, copy etc. on my iPhone – see screenshot (in German):

CKEditor in Backdrop CMS on mobile phone

Tested on a vanilla Backdrop demo site created at

This is strange. I've just created Backdrop sanbox site and copying, cutting and pasting work just fine (with some little exception – I cannot select a word with double clicking).

There should be something in my own site configuration that activate CKEditor to take over the context menu and to show its own options.

I will try to exclude options by removing input filters that I installed. I will then write the results here.

(For the record – with mobile phones I've tried both with Huawei P30 Lite and Huawei P40 Pro)