I use the SEO Meta Tags module to define the Canonical URL for views pages. I try to enter a relative or absolute URL in the Canonical URL settings (field) for the corresponding view in the SEO Meta Tags settings, but in the Head section of the View page, the Canonical URL meta tag does not appear in the HTML code.

At the same time, the fields for Page title and Meta description, as well as Meta robots - the data entered in these fields are published in the HTML Head section of the View page. Only the Canonical URL field does not work.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


The template for head section is in core/modules/system (page.tpl.php), I guess copying that file to theme directory overwrites default.

Thank you for the advice!

However, if I copy page.tpl.php into the theme folder (and this file is already there for other purposes - for example pasting a google tag code) then it will manage all the pages on the site.

I'm wondering if it's possible to make a page.tpl.php in theme folder (by editing the file name) that controls the Head section of the HTML code only for a specific URL on which a certain view page is presented.

For example, in my theme there is another template:  block--system--main-menu.tpl.php - through which I set up specific settings for the main menu only.