Good morning all,

I've made the schoolboy error of leaping before looking, was playing around and somehow have now got myself to the point where I can't actually see any of the things I need to see to be able to correct my error. I get the following message.

"This template requires the Flexible Layout module for generating configurable regions."

I can still see the Admin bar, but not the content. 


How can I activate/repair this? Perhaps by code, which file? or is it even easier? Like a muppet, I didn't backup in haste as I just wanted to play quickly. I could do a fresh install, but trying to avoid it if possible 

Any and all help is greatly appreciated 


Error code - Admin Bar Visible



Hi Mikeh2508. Welcome to the Backdrop CMS Forum!

It looks like you enabled and used the "Flexible Template" layout template for your admin pages, but did not enable the require module to use that template, Flexible Layouts (or disabled it by mistake).

You could try to enable that module via command line (with bee or drush). Do you have access to the command line in the server where the page is hosted? 

Otherwise, another possibility is to edit the layout.layout.admin_default.json file located under files/config_XXXXX/active and try changing the template to the default one, "boxton". I've haven't tried that, and am not sure if this will work. Try clearing caches after the change.

Good luck!


If you edit the json file, change the value of key "layout_template" to "boxton", and also (not sure about this) you may need to change "module" to "layout"


"module": "layout",

"layout_template": "boxton",