I feel like I've had this problem before but don't remember the answer. I'm sure I'm overlooking something simple.

I can't get my Backdrop site to recognize the front page layout. When I go to the home page, it's showing the contents of the default layout. 

I've compared the configuration with another site where the front page layout is working as expected. This is a D7 upgrade site. Here are some things I've checked. 

  1. I have a layout with path = home, no visibility conditions
  2. At "admin/config/system/site-information" the Front Page is set to "home"
  3. When I go to the home page, it's displaying the default layout.

What am I missing?


OK, I seemed to have solved the problem by deleting the "interior page" layout with path node/%. Once I did this, the front page layout worked as expected. 

I then created a new "interior page" layout with a path of node/% and it still works as expected. Not sure, why I had to do this.