Hi, hoping I can get some help on this. I can't log into my site with either the regular or admin users I have (I only have 2 users at this time).

I called my webhost's tech support, and the gentleman I spoke with found that the password reset emails were not being sent. He thinks it has to do with the CAPTCHA module. (I'm pretty sure I solved those super-basic, majorly easy math questions correctly, but perhaps it disagreed?) He tried to disagble it with a file re-name, but that didn't turn it off.

He said he could just change the password manually if he knew what hash was used for it, which would be a great one-time solution, but not ideal as something to depend on in the future.

So first, I need to log in. And second, I need the rest emails to be reliable....

Thanks in advance for any assistance!


While it is nice that BackdropCMS does not require working on the command line, it's also nice to be able to use tools like Drush or Bee to enable, disable modules OR to generate temporary login links at moments like this.  https://forum.backdropcms.org/forum/what-difference-between-drush-brush-... I believe that there MIGHT be a way to change the password if you or your provider have direct access to the database. You won't be able to see the existing password, but I think you can change it.  If you look for any Drupal 7 advice/solutions to this problem, they will likely work in Backdrop CMS as well.

I suppose that if your provider has direct access to the database, they should be able to disable modules in the database for you. They just need to find where modules are enabled/disabled in the database.