I kindly request that all production websites that are live for documentation and support of the Backdrop CMS project please have an alternative Favicon that is different but resembles the favicon shipped with Backdrop distributions.   When someone goes to install Backdrop, they invariably have a number of documentation sites open, and it'd be super fantastic to be able for our newbies and everyone to readily distinguish between the new site being installed and the existing documentation sites. 

Incidentally, Drupal.org and others  had the same issue and I believe I was part of the reason they now have a new favicon for Drupal.org


This sounds like a good idea.

It will require some effort to bring about:

1. Engaging with those maintaining and working on the backdropcms infrastructure. While, I am not the best person to direct you, the information on these pages may help,



An issue could be started at the latter page.

2. Some example ideas of a favicon for the site, different from that on a fresh install.


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I think that's a great feature suggestion!

If you want to and feel up to it, feel free to create an issue on Github:


If you're not comfortable doing this, I or someone else can do it for you, but if you do it you'll have the thrill of seeing your idea incorporated into the project!  Don't worry, everybody here is friendly, we're happy to guide you.

I think it would probably be preferable to change the favicon on the newly installed Backdrop sites rather than on Backdrop properties, as the current favicon is part of the brand.

While I often add a new favicon quickly, if I'm not (e.g. if I'm working in a test site) then I put within a separate tab group within Chrome so I can distinguish the site from the docs.