I'm not sure if this is an issue with Backdrop CMS or CivicCRM. But, on a client site users are getting a PHP information notification that is very misleading to the average site user. 

This is an information message, not an alert or error. 

"Missing PHP INTL extension As this system does not include the PHP intl extension, CiviCRM has fallen back onto a slightly less accurate and deprecated method to format money"

While, we will fix the PHP extension issue ASAP. I am also interested in how to hide this kind of message from end users. This is something that I need to know as a developer, it's not something that an end user should be worried about. 

Again, this is showing up for unauthenticated users and my client is quite worried about the implications of this message (rightly so). 


1) Can I turn off all 'info' notifications to users?

2) I'm not sure I want to turn off all 'info' notifications for users, can I prevent this one from showing up?

3) Is this in issue with Backdrop CMS or with CiviCRM?

See screenshot:



This looks like that might be an issue with the CiviCRM module for Backdrop.

The message is probably being printed with backdrop_set_message() which is for showing messages to users. The correct thing to do would be to replace that function call with watchdog() so that the message is in the error log instead.

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It's part of CiviCRM core. That message is generated by function CRM_Utils_Money::missingIntlNotice(), in file civicrm/CRM/Utils/Money.php. So not Backdrop-specific.

It's setting the message using civi's CRM_Core_Session::setStatus() function, which is the civi equivalent of backdrop_set_message() (and probably maps to it in the Backdrop-specific stuff).



The message is only showing on the screen because the website is probably displaying error messages to the screen instead of just the logs. So best to change that setting in Backdrop if this is a live site.