I was wondering if anyone uses the CKEditor Color Button module? (I didn't find it in the list of modules). I'd be very surprised if no one is still using it. The module uses a library, and it's not my level to handle it.

A few words about myself. I'm not a developer, but a regular user of Drupal 7, which I've been using for about 8 - 9 years. I work mainly with the content of the site, and I do web design as needed and skilled.  A few weeks ago I was actively looking for a new CMS, and was about to leave Drupal 7 for good, but came across Backdrop, which I installed locally.

Drupal 7 is very disappointing, as there is no way it can get rid of childish problems, while having such a huge army of programmers. First of all, it's the CKEditor itself: As long as I've been using it, so much of it breaks with some new Drupal updates. Of course, I've tried other text editors as well. How is it possible that Drupal CMS doesn't have its own editor until version 10? Hallelujah!!! Just imagine if MS Word doesn't have its own editor. That's not even funny. (Doesn't the CMS need to work with text at all?)

Drupal is a CMS that is hostile to ordinary users, and therefore loses heavily in popularity to the clumsy but friendly WordPress. WordPress is similar to MS-DOS, but is developing and evolving in the right direction - towards ordinary users. I'm sure it will eventually become like Windows 10. So I hope that Backdrop CMS will absorb all the best from Drupal and become the most popular CMS in the world. There are all the objective factors for that right now.


I have used it in Drupal 9, but not in Backdrop.

One thing I've done is create a CKEditor style in the Style List when editing a filter. And make it something like a.button-primary|Button Primary. And then add the a.button-primary class to the theme's stylesheet. Then when the user adds a link, they can also select the style when the cursor is on the link.

I only wanted the users to have access to a fixed number of buttons so this worked well enough for me.

Thank you Herb for sharing your experience. I somehow overlooked that we can also use styles. But I've never used a color change via styles, because it's impossible to label just one word or letter that way. The effect affects the whole paragraph.
I use color changing very often to format articles on my site, and I need it only for myself, not for users.