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The Community meeting happens every two weeks on Thursday from 20:00 UTC to 21:00 UTC.  The idea is that the whole session is devoted to a single topic.

Sessions so far have included:

  • Spotlight on features from latest releases
  • Drupal 7 Migration Pipeline
  • Year in Review
  • CiviCRM
  • Backdrop Internal Sites

Sessions in the pipeline:

  • Ubercart (2nd February 2023)
  • Drupal 7 Soft Landing Initiative
  • Migration of Localization (Translation) service to Backdrop

What would you like to see as a topic discussed? Are you willing to lead a topic?

These sessions will be recorded.


Another one I would like but we need someone who understands this:

Custom Entities: Why should I make them and what do I need to do to add them to a module?