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Hi, i installed the Menu Views module, when i go to Structure/Menu open any menu and click "Add Link" or "Edit" an existing link, it shows this error

Argument 1 passed to node_page_title() must be an instance of Node, string given, called in /public_html/core/includes/ on line 756

i can´t add or edit any menu links, then I started uninstalling some modules and I found that the problem is with the locale and language modules, when I deactivated them i was able to edit and add menu links.


  1. New installation (or current)
  2. Install Menu Views module
  3. Activate Locale and Language modules
  4. Go to Structure / Menu
  5. try to add or edit a link


I was able to reproduce this. Since this issue seems to be produced by Menu Views, I would post in their issue queue. At quick glance, there seems to be an issue related to menu translation already there.

I have the same problem. I don't use Menu Views module. Uninstalling "Language" and "Locale" solves the problem but is not a permanent solution in my case.

qiW, are you saying that this problem exists without Menu Views? What menu-related contrib modules do you have installed? 

qiW, do you, by any chance, have overridden the path node/%  in a View? IF this is happening without Menu Views, it sounds like a core bug. Let's try to find a way to reproduce it. 

Yes, the problem exists without Menu Views.

I use a couple of menu related modules and did a quick check by disabling and re-enabling the modules. In my case, the Superfish module seems to cause the problem.

I can activate all the other modules (Menu position, Menu firstchild, Smart Menu Options, Responsive Menus) and don't get the error.

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the Superfish module seems to cause the problem.


I don't think, you need Superfish with Backdrop. The B. version of the module never reached an actual release, and the dropdown functionality for menus ships with core, anyway.

So if you just had Superfish for dropdown menus in D7, uninstall it in B. and toggle the setting for "Menu style" in the layout form dialog for menu blocks.

Thanks for checking. I'll do some testing later today.

Someone did some testing in the Backdrop Zulip chat. It looks like the problem may be a collision between Special Menu Items and Views Menu (and perhaps Superfish). qiW, did you also have Special Menu Items?

I don't use special menu items. As far as I understand correctly, I didn't override node/% either.

Thanks for investigating!