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Hi there2,

I am migrating a website from Drupal 7 to Backdrop and I got almost everything to work.

Most of the content is displayed properly, the only thing that is not working are Book pages. I can edit them, but in view mode I get this error: "Call to a member function bundle() on null"

This is what I see in the logs: "Error: Call to a member function bundle() on null in node_access() (line 2715 of /home/doriemae/migrate.head-massage.net/core/modules/node/node.module)."

Any help would be greatly appreciated.





Which non-core modules are you using?

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Hi laryn

Here is a list of the modules:

  • Insert
  • Libraries
  • Match Redirect
  • Media Element
  • Site Map
  • Global Redirect
  • Metatag
  • Honeypot
  • Google Analytics
  • Views System
  • XML sitemap

Thanks you!

Are you able to come up with steps to reproduce on a blank installation?


  1. create a new site and test
  2. if that works, add one of these modules and test again
  3. etc.

This will help pinpoint where the issue is.

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I had this issue. It was resolved for me after enabling and saving Book module settings (all were unselected after upgrade from Drupal) at: /admin/content/book/settings

screenshot of settings