While I've been using Backdrop for a while, I still having some transition issues. One that I can't figure out, but I'm sure I'm missing something, is getting the URL for the referenced content/node in a Views. I'm trying to get the absolute URL for the "Content:Link" field to use in building output using the Rewrite Results function in another field. So far I have not figure out how to get just the URL rather than a fully rendered linked object (usually something like  <a href="[absoluteUrl.render">link</a>). Can anyone point me to what I'm missing? The only replacement tokens available for the field indicate "[view_node]" and the field itself doesn't seem to have any way to change the output style.



If it is a Link field, you should see something like this in Views (note the "Formatter" section):

Thanks, I knew this for links fields but your reply got me thinking that I was approaching this the wrong way. I was hoping that there was some similar formatting available on the Content: Title field, which is not reasonable, I realize now. I poked around and finally found the field reference to Content: path (duh) and am now able to do what I was expecting.