I'm just posting my thoughts here as I am in the process of converting a D7 site to Backdrop.  The site is quite large, over a thousand pages with lots of different functionality.  The site is SnapJapan.com and I'm slowly doing things as time allows.  Building a custom exporter D7 module to export data to regular old comma delimited .txt files and an importer module to import those files into the new Backdrop site. I have another site in Backdrop built from scratch called JapanTravelPackages.com and one that still needs a lot of work called USATabi.com ... just too many things going on!

I'll be totally honest and say it was a huge toss-up for me which system to choose... Backrop or Wordpress.  I thought about it for a long time... pros and cons and ultimately decided to give Backdrop a try for this site.  I'm going to drop a lot of the original functionality of the original site because for all the work put in, the custom features were rarely used (I've already removed and or stopped showing on original site).  Furthermore I don't know if I'm going to succeed! lol.  I'm pushing on while I can (web dev and my websites are a 3rd life for me know) and hopefully I'll be able to succeed.

The two main reasons why I chose Backdrop:

  • Speed and simplicity. Come on... Backdrop blows Wordpress out of the water.  I have ZERO actual evidence to prove this but just by loading my various WP/Backdrop sites over and over again a thousand times I can definitely see it.
  • Functionality and coding. I was a pretty major D7 developer and coding in Backdrop just seems better than WP to me.

If I ever make it and get it converted, I'll let you know!



Are you finding the modules you need? Are you doing much code conversion, or trying to drop that kind of customization?

My goal is to use as few modules if possible. In fact, maybe only one... one of the SEO mods.  I like the simplicity of the Backdrop Admin UI, DB and what they have done with it from D7 but I just don't want to over-complicate the site with lots of code and modules.  If I need some sort of coded feature I can code it myself to be slim and fast without a full module.

Update, I have finished this conversion and the Backdrop version has replaced the Drupal 7 version and is online.  There are close to a thousand pages and once in a while I'll come across a bad link or missing image but I'll fix these minor things as time goes on.

I know this was a while ago, but relevant to my question so I would appreciate your input... 

My question here copied below:
I'm the author of a module for Drupal - CodeServer - which is primarily intended for developers. I'm wondering whether it would be useful in Drupal to Backdrop migrations. Currently there's no Backdrop version, and I'm thinking about making one. What interest might there be? Anybody want to help?