Hi there,

Another potential Backdrop user here. I'm running the latest Drupal 7 version in my personal site and I'm thinking of converting to Backdrop. Reading the conversion guide from Drupal 7 and the link at https://backdropcms.org/user-guide/features-removed-core I see that the blog module has been removed from the core. However, most of my articles in my site are of the blog content type. After reading the conversion guide, I understand that I must uninstall the blog module before the conversion. But how will my blog pages migrate to Backdrop?



The content won't disappear. The content types will remain but you may need to create new views, or maybe just tweak.

I don't know for sure but you might need to manually adjust the content type in the configuration so it doesn't refer to the module but is custom.

Thanks for your reply herb.

I did a quick and dirty upgrade to backdrop and there was another content type created, the blog. All content under this type was migrated successfully. So, I guess there's no need to do anything in particular before converting.