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We are currently surveying the community regarding the issues that they would most like to see added to Backdrop CMS core (you will need to create an account and login to the survey site to participate). 

We can use this topic as an opportunity for folks to explain their preferences, advocate for their favorite issue, or provide feedback on the survey itself. 


The initial round of the survey is now complete. This was an experiment and we have no specific plans for what to do next. I hope there will be some discussion of the results and that hopefully it might have some influence on where we collectively focus our efforts. 

We will certainly be having a discussion about when and how often to do something like this again. 

Here are the top 10 issues according to the 28 people that participated in this experimental survey. 

1) Add Field Group Functionality to Core (14) 2) Allow multiple file/image uploads (13) 3) Add Reference Module to Core (11) 4) Add 'recipe' project type to Backdrop (10) 5) Automatic Updates (9) Add an icon font to core (9) Expose Fields to Visibility Conditions (9) 8) Exposed filename filter for media library dialogue (8) VBO: Allow bulk operations for updating entity values (8) 10) Better Taxonomy permissions (7) Upgrade UI module (similar to Migrate UI in D8) to help with moving from D7 (7)

Any thoughts, comments, or lessons learned from the results?