I'm looking to get a Backdrop theme built and wondered if anyone here would be interested in the job? We have an existing site and we want to migrate it to Backdrop loosely retaining the look'n'feel.


Thanks for posting, @kgolding.  I've replied to you privately. 

That sounds exciting !

I don't build themes (Tim does!) but I do work with CSS. Can you add a screenshot of the existing site, or a link to it? Just to get a sense of the complexity. This is a site I just finished - it uses Basis with three layouts and all the rest is CSS.


Hello Dianne,

Sorry I missed your comment before. That site looks fantastic especially given the CSS only adaptions. Our website is http://smc-gateway.com and I'd be very interested if you believe you could work similar CSS magic. We are not after an exact copy but we do like the feel of the site (although we'd want to remove the page border).


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Hi, I could create a new themplate for you, not just the css, but the hole themplate, heres one of my website jobs, feel free to contact me.