I want to create a website. Recently I looked for free website companies and found Site web gratuit, anybody has experience with this hosting company? Shall I start my business site with them?


The website creation may be free but the hosting isn't... seems quite expensive and you only get three WordPress Pages...  

Even if you can find a free host, I would not recommend using it for hosting a business site as it would not reflect well on your business.

Find a reasonably priced, well respected host and install a free and open source website system on it, like Backdrop CMS.

If you only want a static website with no PHP and only client side JavaScript then you could use GitHub pages, which is free.  You'll need to create an account, upload your files, then point your registrar domain records at it, but that is an approach I've done for one client in the past when they didn't want ongoing hosting costs and had very modest needs.  You'll find guidance for this solution elsewhere on the web.

I think the original question here was SPAM. It included a link to a site that has nothing to do with BackdropCMS. I removed the link, but left the content since others had replied to it.