Politics aside on which "developer" would be hired to execute a new module's development, has the concept of crowd funded development efforts been discussed or considered?   Even as a project developer, I can see the benefit of a "wish list board" where module development ideas can be posted with requests for underwriting.  And, at the same time, these development ideas could be considered as a job board, or marketable opportunity.   Of course, there would be understanding amongst all parties that outcome becomes public domain.  That said, Adam Smith.... many hands make light work, and liter expense.  The region I live in has the motto of, "the best for less".  And, effectively, this is the leverage of both time and money for all.

My "need" is a module to interface with a cloud based VOIP and/or an asterisk PBX.  It will involve some scripting between database structures.  But, it will increase viability as a full feature crm as it will enable call center or team calling/marketing function to the already excellent crm base.  API's exist for any/all of the cloud VOIPs to accomplish same.

That's the oldest joke in the computer industry... "well, can it be done?   Of course!  How much?  We'll get back to you on that..."

Chime in please.



I recognize that this does not fully answer the part of your question about crowd funded development, but there is a place to request a module be ported from Drupal 7.

See discussion: https://forum.backdropcms.org/forum-topic/where-make-request-drupal-modu...

I am not sure if this would be an appropriate place to post a request for an entirely new module and/or if it helps with the crowdfunding aspect at all. 

I can see two separate topics in the original post which could be broken into new ones to keep a discussion simpler.

One is a discussion of crowd funding modules. Or wish list / job board.

The other is requesting a module to interface with a VOIP system. Does this request involve payment, or partial payment, as well?